Hello March.


Laying in bed sick has it’s perks. For instance, I am so bored I have posted 3 new blog entries! 🙂

Update on the Adoption: 

  • We have raised just over half of the $27,000 needed to pay for all of the adoption expenses! Amazing! We are believing God will continue to provide every single penny needed. There are two quotes that have been encouraging to me these past few weeks as we have been working on fundraising: “God always funds his callings.” and “Capital always follows courage, and ‘what’ always precedes ‘how’.”
  • We completed our final Home Study meeting this morning. Our Social Worker has been such an amazing blessing to work with. I am so grateful we have not had a nightmare experience like some adoptive families have gone through. Now we wait for her to write up our Home Study report. Once that is complete, we will send in our Dossier paperwork and the true waiting begins! 

Nash These Days: 

  • Nash is trying harder and harder each day to speak more and say new words. 
  • His hair is growing in like crazy, we are going to have to trim up the back or he is going to be sporting a mullet if we arent careful! 
  • He has definitely entered the “terrible two’s” stage, and even told me “NO!” a few times this week. Uh oh, we are going to have to nip that in the butt quick! 
  • One of the most funny moments of the week was when I went to get him up from his nap and I found him in his crib with his diaper ripped off and laughing at himself. It was quite hilarious…but i tried to not let him know that I thought it was funny! 


What a little Gerber baby…



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