Fish + Pizza = A Really Fun Week.

Our week started off with Nash attending his first official birthday party for his friend Evy Cole. Chuckie Cheese was a big hit with all 20 toddlers in attendance. Nash even devoured an entire cupcake…a very big treat for him! On Tuesday we got to go to the Georgia Aquariam in Atlanta with our friends Kris and Addison. It was my first time there too and it was awesome! On Wednesday mornings I have been attending a women’s bible study and Nash has been making some new friends in the nursery. The change of pace has been good for both of us! Today was a busy day of running errands trying to gather all the needed paper work and notaries for our Dossier. Exhausting! We did manage to visit a park since the weather was so amazing and even swung by the library to watch a puppet show. The puppet show totally captured Nash’s attention and he sat and watched the whole thing! 

All in all a great week! 



I was never able to get a good picture of the kids together…they are always on the go! 


We arrived a little early, so we played in the park outside for awhile. Nash enjoys being on this side of the stroller! 


Fish…lot’s of fish…



This picture is blurry…but I like the colors in it. Nash was mesmerized by the fish…


Oh “The Cheese”…the best part is that he didnt even care if he had coins in the machines or not! He just loved climing all over them! Here he is playing with the birthday girl. 


cheese1  cheese2  cheese5

He loved that silly rat. 


cupcake + drool all over his face…He had the time of his life! 


Waiting patiently for mama at the courthouse while I get ANOTHER form notarized. I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel though! Our Dossier (basically our life in paper/forms) is almost complete! 


waiting not-so-patiently…and hoisting himself up on a chair to reach the computer….


This is why I waited to feed him red sauce on his pasta…


It is a MESS! But it makes for a super cute picture. (Nash has learned to say “cheese” when we take a picture now!)


After a dinner like that…you have to strip ’em down and send them straight to the bathtub! 



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