Nash has been showing signs of determination and independence this week. He made me laugh when I was washing some dishes in the kitchen yesterday. All of the sudden he ran out of the kitchen towards his play room. A few moments later he emerged carrying his step stool which is almost as big as he is. He had a look of determination in his eyes and walked with the stool in hand with much confidence. He placed the stool right where I had been standing and climbed up. Success!  

Carrying the stool. Look how determined his eyes are! 


placing the stool strategically…


Success! Um, now what? 


Bryson spent last week in Haiti meeting pastors and ministry leaders. He had a great trip and brought back some beautiful images of the people and country. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Orphans wait their turn for a bath…


School children gather around to see what is going on…


some are more shy than others…



chickens, tin roofs, and cell phones…hmmm


a river runs through it. literally. 


Bryson’s plane prepares for take-off…yes, that is the runway. 



1 thought on “Determination

  1. oh the bath pictures…just how i pictued it being described! bless those sweet babies.

    i can’t get over how TALL Nash looks!!! i hope he helped you with drying some dishes!! 🙂

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