Thinking about “Opi”

“Opi” is the silly code name Bryson and I came up with for our little girl before we had told our family and friends that we were adopting. Get it? Ethi”OPI”a? Well, it has kind of stuck. (Don’t worry, that isnt her REAL name, just our little pet name for her until we see her picture and choose her real name). 

I often find myself thinking about baby Opi. I’ll catch myself staring at a map of the world with my eyes glued in on Ethiopia wondering where she is…who she is…and what she will be like. At this stage of the adoption we dont know anything about her yet. Is she born yet? Is she even conceived? What is her mother feeling? Is she moving in her womb at this very moment? All I know for sure is that we are adopting a little girl…and she will be somewhere between 0 and 12 months old. But for everything I dont know yet, I do know that the God of the universe knows exactly who she is…and who she will grow up to be. I don’t even know what city she will come from, but her Creator knows exactly how many hairs are on her little head. He will hold her in His arms until I can hold her in mine…and even then, He will still hold on to her. That is amazing, and it is all I really need to know tonight.


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