Blue sky

As you might notice, we did a little update to the blog “look”. It is still a work in progress, but since we are adding to the family this year (lord willing!!) we wanted to make it a family blog instead of just a blog for Nash. But for now, Nash will remain the leading man of most of the photos on the site! Speaking of the little booger, here are some fun new pictures of the little guy…


Blue sky day…

flowerchild  squealface

Sad…and REALLY sad…

frownface bigcrysky

I love this picture…


An independent soul…Bye mom…


I’m outta here…


Nash takes in a historic moment…


Nash enjoys a late Christmas gift…


This cooking thing is awesome! (I love his face in this picture!)


These boots are made for walkin… 



2 thoughts on “Blue sky

  1. nice new layout! i need to revamp mine too. 🙂 hope you have a fabulous birthday and eat lots of good food and cake.
    let me know when you want to start working out in my living room!
    also, i want to hear all about your weekend trip! :))

  2. we’ll be checking here often – very excited for your new journey. if you have any questions about the process, we’d be more than happy to talk!
    also – LOVE the crying pictures of Nash! It’s good to capture all the moments of babyhood on film!

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