“A few of my favorite things…”

Hey guys, it’s Nash. Here is the latest 411 of what I am up to these days…

  1. I like to wave bye to the bath water when it goes down the drain.
  2. “It’s nice to meet you”…I love shaking hands with people when I see them. I’m not afraid of anyone! (just ask all the nice people on the airplane to oregon that i met yesterday!)
  3. I HATE having my diaper changed.
  4. Strawberries give me a REALLY bad diaper rash! No more strawberries for me until I am 2.
  5. I really enjoy “dipping” my food…sour cream, yogurt, applesauce, you name it…I’ll dip it.
  6. I know where all my body parts are…I can point to my teeth, head, belly button, eyes, and even my poo poo!
  7. wink wink…i like to wink at you.
  8. I like to put my hands on my head and dramatically say “Oh no” and “uh-oh!”
  9. I finally have a new tooth…that makes 5 teeth.
  10. I love being right by my mama…wherever she goes I am always right by her side! I think it wears her out sometimes, but i just cant get enough of her.
  11. I love giving kisses…right smack on the lips!
  12. oooooooo…I love to play with anything electronic…anything with buttons…anything I’m not supposed to play with.
  13. I talk a lot but not many “real words”, but some of the things i like to say are outside, downstairs.
  14. I love dancing, drumming, and music! i can really shake it!
  15. Did you know if you swallow a wooden bead it will come out the other end in less than 24 hours? I don’t recommend it, but I know from experience that it is a true fact!

I am a very busy boy…ALWAYS on the move and exploring everything! I really keep mama on her toes.


See my new tooth? It’s in the top right.


showing off my dance moves. Riverdance anyone?


Hey babe, which way to the gym? check out these muscles…


This is my best buddy Addison. She and I hang out every Tuesday  and get along great!

addisonnash1 addisonnash2


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