Baby it’s cold outside…


But it is cozy inside! The Vogeltanz house loves Christmas time…warm fires in the fireplace, yummy foods, hot tea, and especially the lights on the Christmas tree! Speaking of trees…we picked ours up a few weeks ago and I forgot to post the pictures! So here they are now…

Someday we will go chop our own down at one of those cute Christmas Tree Farms…but you can’t beat the price and ease of good ol’ Lowes!


Too bad tying the tree on the car is never as easy as picking out the tree. We are admittedly “Christmas Tree Challenged” when it comes to this task. This year, we were so proud of ourselves because we seemed to get it up and tied so easily.

That is until we realized we had tied the doors to the car closed.


Take two. The second time was a charm!


Always worth the effort…


Nash hardly knew what to do with the tree. He now enjoys rearranging some of the ornaments and pinching the lights on the tree. It has brought a lot of joy.


It’s been a bit nippy outside the past week!


snotty nose, but always adorable.



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