Deck the Halls

Recently Nash spent the weekend with the amazing Hall Family (Brian + Jill, and their great kids: matthew, Alec, Charlie, Reece, Jillian, and Natalie Kate). Bryson and I had to go out of town on a retreat with work and we could not think of a better family to leave him with. Here are some pictures of his time at the Hall House!


The Hall girls are always ready to help out…


and teach nash about high fashion and hair styles


Although they said he was great all weekend, he did manage to have a major meltdown (that they, of course, caught on film!)


He was probably just missing his mom…


but he recovers well…


Jill is a fabulous mother!


And we think Brian is swell too!


But the dog is who Nash really loves…


And that is who get all his kisses at the Hall house!


Thanks Hall family! You did such a great job, i think we will leave him with you again soon!! 🙂


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