Socks in the Fridge…

I opened the fridge today to get a drink and noticed a pair of Nash’s socks sitting neatly on the bottom shelf…crisp and cold. It made me laugh to think he strategically place those there when i opened the fridge earlier in the day. It was his way of helping clean up and putting things away. It made me laugh to myself. I left the socks there for the rest of the day to remind me not to take life so seriously. I love the way kids bring that side out of you and fill your heart with joy. I love the way their little minds work and think and are always learning. I love that as I teach Nash new things each day (like socks don’t go in the fridge) he always ends up teaching me something too. I love being a mom.


Nash took his new best friend Maggie (Mimi’s dog) for a walk. Oh how he loves dogs.

The first step to becoming a good redneck is to ride a John Deere…

“hmmm…how come this thing isnt moving?”

“ah, this is more like it!”


2 thoughts on “Socks in the Fridge…

  1. you should get nash a dog! every little boy should have one. don’t be mean like my mom was and make me wait til college to have my first dog.

  2. I just nailed ahetnor interview! I think they are going to go with me. It felt weird first to call a person you’ve never met with no warning beforehand. Even a little scary. But I guess the thing is just to gather all your courage and with What’s the worst thing that could happen? in mind, make the damn call. I was surprised how friendly that manager was Thank you Mr. Nash for lesson! And Thank you Mr. Vitaver for sharing! Great job!

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