Nash 411 @ 13 months

Current Nickname around the house: “Cowboy”…mom just likes to call me that.

Weight/Height: fat + tall…and simply irresistible! (95 percentile!) Although, all this walking is really trimming me down!

Things that make mom and dad laugh: my constant chatter, my sloppy kisses, my funny faces I like to make.

Favorite foods: of course my mush, avocados, black beans, hotdogs, and oranges.

Favorite toys: Soft stuffed animals (I love to cuddle!), balls, and ANYTHING electronic with buttons that I can get my hands on and not get in trouble!

Latest Tricks: Dancing (I’ve got some killer moves!), climbing everything, and trying to say a few words consistently

Biggest Accomplishment this week: learning to feed myself with a spoon! A little messy, but fun.

Favorite pastime: Hanging out with mom + dad, taking baths, going to the park, and playing with other big kids


Eating applesauce with a spoon!

“Mom, this is so embarrassing! Please stop singing “Mary did you know”!

I love a good book…cant wait to find out how this one ends…

Being silly…as usual!

Taking a cuddle break…

Nash aggressively enjoying an orange…yum.


2 thoughts on “Nash 411 @ 13 months

  1. Nash seriously looks HUGE!! i have got to see him soon in person. I love that he still has his signature finger suck going on!

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