Week 56

Life with an on-the-go 1 year old is a blast (and exhausting!). It is amazing to watch Nash absorb information and learn new things with each day. It’s as if you can literally watch the gears moving in his head when you ask him a question like, “Nash, bring mama a book to read you”…and he goes and grabs a book from the play room. Or “Come on Nash, follow mama to the kitchen!” and the sound of his feet follow close behind. Or my favorite,  “Nash, give da-da a kiss”…and he plants a wide-open-full-mouth-slobbery kiss right on Bryson’s mouth. In those moments I am reminded that he is growing up so quickly and becoming a little boy right before my eyes.

This was what a typical laundry day looked like 7 or 9 months ago when Nash was much less mobile…

This is what a laundry day looks like with a 1 year old… (not as effecient, but much more fun!)

Nash had a blast wearing Bryson’s shorts on his head. Quite a fun discovery!

And LOVES climbing on and off the laundry basket…

Our newest goal is learning that food should stay on the tray or in your mouth…but there are always more than a few crumbs that find their way to the floor despite his great efforts to be obedient. This week we ate lunch on the porch so I wouldn’t have to clean the floor…again. (plus it was GORGEOUS outside!)

After lunch, Bryson took Nash for his first spin on his wooden…yes, wooden…bike with no pedals (who makes such a bike?). Nash loved it.

This week we also got to spend some time with friends in Alpharetta. We stopped by and said “Hi” to our buddies at the Passion house and then spent the night with the Bell family. Fun times…but not such a good photo moment for Nash….

All in all a fabulous week! Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Week 56

  1. Em… he is so stinking cute! Every time I see pictures of him I just want to kiss his face. I wish I got to see him more to know his personality!! He is a doll!

  2. It looks like you guys are having a blast! We’re chasing around our 1 yr old as well and absolutely loving it. Hope to catch up with y’all soon and let Nash and Carson get into trouble together.
    I miss you guys.

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