adventures of Nash and Xavier…

Another day in Jakarta has come and gone! It’s been such a busy day and we are beyond exhausted…so much to do to get ready for the gathering on the 5th. Just wanted to share a few more pictures that Livvy took today of the boys. Nash is doing great up in West Virginia. I missing him a ton! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. Thanks for all your prayers while we are away…


Up to no good….

Sharing at it’s finest….

Nash making an escape?

Uncle Adam “intently” watching the boys…

Funny face Nash…

Nothing is better than chewing on a drumstick and hanging out under the table with friends…

Nash enjoys an early birthday present from Marmie

He looks like such a big boy here!

more pictures tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


1 thought on “adventures of Nash and Xavier…

  1. Hey Emily! So glad yawls trip is going well. Nash is adorable as always. See you when you guys get back in town..

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