On to Indonesia…again.

Well, all my bags are packed and I’m just waiting for Nash to wake up from his nap…then we will be on the road to the airport! Nash and I are flying to West Virginia this afternoon where he will be enrolled in Camp Aunt Olivia for the week while Bryson and I fly on to Indonesia for the Passion World Tour stop in Jakarta. Overwhelmed? Definitely. No matter what people say, it never gets easier to leave your kid behind! I’ll try to post pictures throughout the week of our travels abroad and of Nash’s time at Camp Aunt Livvy. I know he will have a fabulous time playing with his cousin Xavier and Uncle Adam! But in the meantime, here are a few pictures from last week at the Vogeltanz house…

Our Georgia Peach….

Making a face that says…”I don’t like how that tastes!”

Playing Superman with his hero..

“No mama…please don’t go…”

Have a great week. Pray for us as we travel…for Nash as he stays in West Virginia…and for the 4,000 Indonesians who will attend the August 5th gathering in Jakarta. It’s going to be amazing!


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