Three Simple Things…

If you have spent more than 5 minutes with me in the past year then you have heard me talk about Dr. Denmark. Dr. Denmark is a household name and a hero of ours at the Vogeltanz headquarters. She is a 110 year old pediatrician who has personally seen over 250,000 children during her 75 years as a doctor (she even discovered the Whopping Cough vaccine!). She has a suggested schedule + advice for mothers that Bryson and I have followed from the day we brought Nash home. Although her methods are somewhat unconventional and old fashioned, we have thrived on them. Nash was sleeping through the night by the end of his first week home from the hospital, gained weight perfectly, and continues to be a happy + healthy baby. Her methods aren’t for everyone, but we are huge Dr. Denmark fans!

Nash and I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Denmark this week at her home in Athens. What an honor to sit down with the 110 year old pediatrician and visit with her for awhile. I shared my deep gratitude and thanks for the wisdom and advice she has offered to generations of mothers.

During our conversation Dr. Denmark shared with me some wisdom that she said I was to pass along to young mothers everywhere. She leaned over to me and spoke in her quiet yet strong voice, “There are only three simple things you need to remember in order to have a healthy baby: 1. Sleep them on their belly, 2. Keep them on a schedule, and 3. Keep them away from sick babies.” Her conviction and confidence in saying these simple words to me was powerful. At 110 she is still wanting to help moms have happy healthy babies! Always the teacher, she then had me repeat the three things back to her!

Dr.Denmark went on to give me some advice on how I should live. She told me, “To have a healthy life remember to eat right and do something you love!” This made me smile. How could I deny that simple truth coming from the lips of a 110 year old woman?! )

My time with Dr. Denmark was precious and the highlight of my week…maybe my year! Nash loved Dr. Denmark too and kept trying to crawl up on her lap. It was a visit I will treasure forever.


Dr. Denmark looks at Nash…(She told me he was a good boy and looked very healthy 🙂 )

Bryson thinks this one is funny of Denmark and Nash…

Group photo….

Nash and I went blueberry picking one morning (and made a fabulous cobbler with the fresh blueberries! Yum)…

But blueberry picking gets boring when mom won’t let you taste the blueberries…or leaves…or grass…or dirt. So Nash got a little fussy…

Exhausted from a busy week…

For those of you who know me well, you will appreciate this picture. I’m starting Nash early…


6 thoughts on “Three Simple Things…

  1. hey! sorry we missed you last thursday. call me this week or drop by so we can catch up!!! i want to hear all about meeting dr. d!!!! i am sure she had lots of wonderful advice being she is 110 years old…. that is crazy!!!!

  2. I like to imagine that you had to trek through a jungle to find this ancient shaman of baby knowledge, to get the three secrets of baby raising. That’s how it played out in my mind anyway.

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