trick pony

Before I had my own baby I always thought it was weird (and a little awkward) how new parents would proudly coax their kids to do “tricks” whenever someone came near the baby. You, the innocent bystander, don’t REALLY care if the baby can wave “bye bye” to you. But the parents coax the kid relentlessly until the little hand opens and closes in a semi-wave which finally appeases the parents and brings a broad grin to their proud faces. “How smart little baby is!”

So it hit me this week that I have become one of those annoying parents…beaming as my “trick-pony” does his stunts for an “anxious” audience. I have to admit that I prefer standing on this side of the conversation and now fully understand the pride that swells in a parents’ heart when your little baby does something you have taught them. So from here on I will proudly coach sweet Nash to do his tricks for you anytime (and will return the enthusiasm and applaud your little one as they perform their grand tricks!) And trust me, Nash is full of tricks these days! What a smart baby he really is!! 🙂

Here are Nash’s latest tricks in his repertoire…

7. sing-along…I promise Nash tries to sing along with me when we are listening to music. (you will just have to trust me on this one because he only does it when it’s just he and I)

6. The bye-bye wave

5. Pointing his index finger at you when he sees you

4. Playing Peek-a-boo…I mean, this kid is a REALLY talented Peek-a-boo-er. Do they have a professional league?

3. Clapping proudly after doing something good…it is so sweet to see how proud of himself he gets!

2. His fake HA HA HA laugh…it’s really funny and always a crowd pleaser. Sure to make you smile!

1. The classic “High 5”! Dad taught him this one and I am not sure who is more proud…Nash or Bryson.


This is a “classic Nash” picture…all smile with fingers in his mouth. Such a happy boy.

Nash is working on his 2 top teeth which seem to bother his ears. Weird, I know, but the doctor says it’s normal. I think this picture is funny…what a flexible ear you have little boy!

My challenge for the week was getting Nash to hold his own bottle…something he doesn’t enjoy but has finally caught on. He is doing great…the one handed grip in his specialty.

Nash gets SO excited when I bring out the swifter to clean the floors and can’t hardly wait to get his turn sweeping! Hope he is still this excited about chores when he turns 13!

Thanks Mimi for the package of new clothes that came in the mail this week! They are perfect!

We are still loving the laundry basket…it’s so much fun to push around the house!

We have had a busy week. Nash helped me decorate and set up the Athens Church offices. He is such a good helper….

Bryson had a blast on a spontaneous trip to the College World Series to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play in the finals. What a life!

Have a fabulous week!!


2 thoughts on “trick pony

  1. i like to just walk away from parents trying to show me their cute trick ponies and see what their reaction is. our church is trick pony central.

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