9 months in…9 months out

Nash has been out in the world for 40 weeks now…the same amount of time it took to “bake him in the oven”! It’s kind of funny to think about, but it puts “time” in perspective for me. I am amazed how quickly the months are passing now. The old adage is so true…time really does fly by when you are havin’ fun!

I generally only post “happy” pictures of Nash…but he does cry (sometimes)…

Nash is a constant explorer…reaching, searching, looking for new treasures (making mom better at cleaning her floors to minimize the “treasures”!)

Baby food galore. I got a killer deal on baby food that made me really proud! Then I took a cool picture of my neatly stacked and organized food. 🙂

Picking up things…and dropping them…oops.


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