Sick baby is no fun

It has been a more busy week than usual around here. Last Thursday we took a roadtrip to Alpharetta to celebrate our friend Clay’s birthday and spent the night. Friday we headed back up to Athens and Mimi flew in to town to help babysit Nash while Bryson and I went on our Small Group retreat in North Georgia with Athens Church. We had a great time with our small group and needless to say, Nash had a fabulous time being spoiled by his Mimi. We were back in town for church sunday morning (side note: we heard a talk this week called Marriage By Design that really challenged us! You should listen to it if you get a chance: Then Monday we were on the road again, this time to Alpharetta for the Drive Conference and Mimi was back on duty as babysitter. Sweet Nash did great with Mimi once again and I was anxious to get back home Tuesday Night. Wednesday rolled around and we officially had a sick little baby on our hands. We have been fighting off the ugly virus the rest of the week. Things are a little better today (at least Nash is eating and drinking again! And his fever is down, whew!) I even made it out of my pj’s for the first time in 2 days! It is so hard to watch your little one be sick…breaks my heart. I am grateful that we have had a healthy baby for 8 months and that this is our first time with a virus. I celebrate that!

A smile before the storm…

Mimi tries to pack Nash and sneak him back to Arizona with her! Thanks for babysitting for us Mimi (and thanks for the new toys and clothes!)

That’s all the pictures for this week. Sick babies are not really up for having their picture taken. I promise more pictures next week!

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PS: I posted my top 10 list of favorite baby “must have” items on the So I’ve Been Thinking Page (check it out if you are bored and want more to read! 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Sick baby is no fun

  1. i read this blog at least once a week- sorry about no comments! thanks for being so candid em, i can keep track of you guys without any of those pesky phone calls.

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