my artistic side

Check out these pictures from this week at our house…I tried to take an artistic approach in my photo-taking this week just to change things up a bit! Let me know what you think…


I love how the shadows from the window fall across Nash’s face. i also like that his two best pals “Frank the Elephant” and “Judd the Sock Monkey” happened to get in on the photo time.

Playing Peek-a-boo with the front porch.

Waiting for a storm cloud to roll in…

Okay that was my feeble attempt to be artistic with the camera. Here are just a few more snapshots that I couldnt pass up posting.

Here is a good look at his first tooth…and giant smile! What Joy!

Nash is always a good laundry helper. Starting chores young is a good thing!

Nash is always completely fascinated by his shadow…

Nash got his first singing lesson…we had a good time rocking out to some good music and singing into the wire wisks! (at least i did!)

I snapped this picture during “Nap time”. Nash is able to pull himself up in his crib and enjoys chewing on the railing…


1 thought on “my artistic side

  1. i love all your artistic photos of nash! you are quite talented in this area. my favorite is the one of nash standing up in his crib…oh how they grow up so fast. millie is already changing like crazy.

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