tongue tied

Nash’s tongue has been freed! Thanks to Dr. Mixon and a quick “tongue clipping” surgery on Thursday, Nash will be able to stick his tongue out at other kids, lick an ice cream cone, and with a little practice, maybe even touch his tongue to his nose! We headed to the hospital at 6am on Thursday morning for the surgery and were home by 8am! He was only put to sleep for about 5 minutes and the doctor clipped the underside of his tongue. Nash handled the procedure really well and was back to eating, talking and smiling in no time. I documented the morning with pictures posted below…


Nash hears his name called in the waiting room…

The charts are ready…

A sweet nun comes by to pray over nash before his procedure…

but he was distracted by the cool pole. The nun didn’t mind though…

Then two nurses took Nash on to the operating room. Nash seemed

to like their shower caps…

Just a few minutes later, the procedure was done and we were feeding

Nash a bottle to help get his tongue moving…

He was a bit groggy from the sleeping gas. Not his best photo moment…

But after a good nap, Nash was back to his old self….lauging, clapping,

talking, and enjoying his newly freed tongue! (if you look closely, you can

see his little tooth on the right popping through! His mouth is surely sore!)

And eating too…


2 thoughts on “tongue tied

  1. Nash’s little eyes/face looked liked Ella’s after she came out of her tubes surgery.. So sweet!! Also, let’s hope both our kids stay off poles in the future…!

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