All work and no fun?

No way! Bryson and I took some time and traveled to Bali Indonesia after our time in Jakarta for a bit of holiday. We had a great time spending time together and just resting. Bali is rad. It is tropical paradise and super cheap! Beaches, great hotels, spa’s, surfing, rainforest, awesome art, and it is all SUPER CHEAP! We had a great time exploring the island…

At the Four Seasons in Ubud…it is one of the top resorts in the world…

we just had dessert since we couldn’t afford to stay! Incredible.

Enjoying some local food…Very good!!

They have a bit of a gas problem in Bali…

Overlooking a rice field (and still wearing the same dress! did i wear this every day?)

Some local teens leave an offering at a Hindu temple…


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