Missing Nash…

I am missing Nash a lot today. His happy smile, his silly laugh, his fat little belly and legs, kissin’ his fat cheeks…man, I am just missing everything about my little man and just looking forward to coming home! We will finish up our ministry time in Jakarta tomorrow, then Bryson and I will be taking some personal time vacationing in Bali for a few days to “cultivate our marriage”. This will be good for us to just have some time away together. Everyone says these type of weekend get aways are crucial for your marriage after you have a kid so we are taking the advice of our mentors and taking an “Emily + Bryson weekend get away”…it just happens that we get to “get away” to Bali. Not a bad retreat, eh? It’s going to be tough though…I am so ready to go home and pick up my baby. Pray I am able to enjoy the moment and not wish away our time!

Nash is still doing great in West Virginia. We have had a hard time talking via Skype the past 2 days which has been frustrating. I look forward to seeing him and talking to him on Skype…it’s really precious time for me each day so when it fails to work out, i am really devestated. Hoping it will work out today! Here are a few photos from the past 2 days from awesome Aunt Livvy who is doing an incredible job caring for my son.

Thanks for stopping by!


drool baby…that lil’ tooth is still trying to break through…


Xavier gives his best pose…


Adam tries to cheer up the boys during the 4 o’clock fuss.


A trip in the laundry basket is a crowd pleaser!


They LOVE it!

The boys continue to enjoy playing together…


Nash puts his finger through the hole in the wooden block…very facinating!


Xavier takes some time to coach Nash on how to crawl.

“Go Nash, Go! You are so close!”



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