The Adventures of Nash and Xavier continue…

Day 4 abroad and it feels like I have been gone for a month! I miss Nash more and more each day, but thankfully, with the modern marvel of the internet, I am able to video Skype Nash every day so he can see me and I can see him. It’s awesome! He is having an excellent time at Aunt Livvy’s! Marmi and Obi came down for a little grandparent visit this weekend, so I am grateful Nash was able to spend some time with his amazing grandparents!

It’s a surreal feeling to be on the other side of the world without your child. I am in a constant state of feeling like I have forgotten something. It’s like that sudden feeling you get when you realize you’ve forgotten your purse or wallet at the grocery store or that feeling that hits you when you remember a meeting you are supposed to be in. I have that feeling a hundred times a day…only to realize that what I am missing isn’t my wallet or a meeting, but my baby boy.

Bryson and I cant wait to take Nash with us next time we travel! I think I am going to get him a passport as soon as I get home…not sure I can leave him this along again! But overall Bryson and I are doing really well and enjoying our trip. Thanks for your prayers!

Here are some new pictures of Nash and Xavier…


They boys take the car for a spin…


Livvy says she thinks Nash is starting to get a little tooth bud!
As always, he is chewing on everything!


The boys are playing great together.


Marmi and Obi came for a visit…




Obi’s on baby partrol. Sorry Livvy, looks like the boys and their toys have

taken over the house!


Speaking of toys…Nash has really enjoyed all the new

toys he gets to play with at Xavier’s house. “How does this one work?”


Xavier looking for Nash…”Nash, you under this rug?”



1 thought on “The Adventures of Nash and Xavier continue…

  1. Emily! Nash is adorable!!! I found your blog through Stephen & Kristine’s blog. I am so glad to see that you guys are doing so well. We have two kids now….Kate (2yrs) and Gabe (6months). You can check us out at our family blog:

    -Deanna (from your old ATL community group)

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