The adventures of Xavier and Nash…

Well, athough it was difficult, I was able to board the plane and fly around the world yesterday. I only cried 3 times! Now I find myself completely jet-lagged in Seoul, South Korea as we spend the night before flying the last 7 hours to Jakarta tomorrow morning. I was able to drop Nash off in West Virginia with my wonderful sister Olivia and brother-in-law Adam. I spent a few days there with Nash getting him acclimated to his new surroundings… and getting Livvy acclimated to caring for 2 baby boys! Olivia and Adam’s little boy, Xavier, is just 6 weeks older than Nash and I am happy to report that the 2 boys REALLY enjoy each other! Spending a few days with Livvy, Adam, and Xavier made my heart much more at ease about leaving him during my trip.

I will post pictures (sent to me daily from Livvy!) of the boys and their grand adventures while mama is on the other side of the world.


We are convinced these little cousins will be friends for life…


Olivia is already a super-mom!!


I try to show livvy how to hold both boys…they are heavy!


Xavier hopes for some of Nash’s crumbs…


Play time is always more fun with two…


Three is fun as well! Adalyn visits the boys…


Sharing is on the “to do list” for the week…



Xavier tries his best to share with Nash…


Uncle Adam makes Nash laugh…


Play, play, play…that’s what they do all day! Pray for livvy…she is exhausted! 🙂


Oh how I desperately miss my little boy!



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