Happy Easter…

What do you get when you have 20,000 Easter eggs dropped out of a helicopter…the in-laws moving to town…and a mama that is brokenhearted that she has to leave her little one as she travels around the globe for almost 2 weeks? Quite a weekend!

Its Easter weekend and Bryson’s folks have begun moving to Athens. They wont be here full time yet (retirement isnt for a few more years) but it will be a good to have family close by for part of the year!

Bryson and I are heading to Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday for our role with Passion Conferences World Tour. Pray for us (especially me) as we travel to Indonesia…even though I am leaving Nash in good hands (my sister Olivia + Adam and their son Xavier) I am going to need a lot of strength to do make it through!


Mama loves on her baby…How am I going to be able to get on that plane and leave him!

(PS: that’s not my mini van in the background…I still refuse to drive a minivan!

No offense to those of you who do…i know my days are numbered! 🙂 )


Mimi and Grandpa Roy go shopping with Nash…


Nash meets the Chick-fil-a cow at the Athens Egg Drop. Nash is

very well acquainted with Chick-fil-a…while in the womb, Emily

practically lived on their waffle fries, so this child knows them well!


Nash and Mimi watch the helicopter drop eggs on the field

while kids wait to collect them…crazy fun!


Nash found his Easter basket a little early… and enjoyed it thoroughly!



Sometimes (when mom isn’t looking) dad likes to make

sure Nash learns what it means to be “wild at heart”…

(*Note, bryson is always safe and never lets go! He is an

excellent dad!)


Nash LOVES mama’s cell phone…he really enjoys texting…


He is just too sweet…



2 thoughts on “Happy Easter…

  1. Emily,

    You look so beautiful in the picture with you and Nash! Hope you guys had a fabulous Easter. We will be thinking of you guys next week as you leave for your big trip. Good Luck and may God Bless You Guys!

    ps…i’m thinking maybe we’ll have a baby girl when you guys return!

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