6 months…

Is my baby really 6 months old? Time has flown by!

Nash is doing great. He battled a cold this week but is feeling

and sleeping much better again. He had a few “ah-ha!” moments this

week that cracked me up. There is nothing funnier than watching your kid

discover something new like, “Wow, I have TWO hands! AND they both move!”.

Nash also realized he could pick up 2 toys at once and pound them together to

make a wonderful loud sound…that is until he accidently smacks his head

with the toys and then it’s no more fun. Here are some new pictures of my wide-eyed



Nash loves to lean over in his chair and hit his rattle against the floor….


Let me show you how it’s done…


Bath time is super fun…he of course likes to splash!

A big orange fish was on the menu tonight…


I tried to sneak up on Nash to catch a picture of him “discovering his hands” but the boy

always knows where the camera is…



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