Out of Africa

Well, Bryson isn’t quite “out of Africa” yet, but his trip is winding down

and it wont be long now! Nash and I have missed him ton this week. And

what an eventful week it has been…and it’s only Tuesday! Nash

officially became a bottle-fed only baby this weekend, making mom very excited!

He also got an upgraded car seat with a little more room since his big-little

body was a little to snug in his other one. At his recent doctors visit Nash

weighed in at 18.6lbs (80th percentile) and 28 inches (97th percentile!) so

our little baby…isn’t so little. We will have pictures of our big man later

this week when Bryson gets home with the camera, but until then, here are

a few more shots from Bryson in Swaziland…


Bryson meets our sponsored child through World Vision


pure joy.



1 thought on “Out of Africa

  1. Hey Emily,
    This is the first time I’ve made it to your site and it’s great! Ya’ll have some great photos. You seem to have everything under control with the whole parenting thing. I on the other hand am really starting to doubt and question myself like crazy. How did your parents do it? Three is definitely my limit!! I find parenting rather challenging these days with a one year old and two three year olds, but hopefully we’ll get better at it with time. I’d love to hear from you sometime.

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