week 22

Thanks for stopping by! We are trying to keep warm as winter has finally come south. The cold air gives Nash the sweetest rosey red cheecks.

Here are some more pictures of our sweet boy Nash and the TOP 5 moments of our week…

5. Going to Waumba Land at church for the first time. (this was a BIG moment for mom!)

4. Sleeping in our new house and living out of boxes…okay it’s not a “highlight” of the week but it’s definitely been a big part of our week! Unpacking seems to take 10 times longer with a baby.

3. Amoxicillin… it apparently taste GREAT! Nash fought through his first ear infection this week like a champ and really enjoyed taking medicine.

2. Feeling snow on his face for the first time (and the extreme cold that literally takes his breath away when we step outside!)

1. Officially sitting up like a big boy…at least for a minute or two until he gets tired and tips over.


Bright eyes…


Relaxing for moment after a long stint of sitting up…

Reaching and grabbing for whatever is close by…

Finding comfort…


Pondering deep thoughts as he stares out the window…what could he possibly be thinking



Oh yes, I am a big boy!


“Look what I found… my pant leg…has this been here the whole time?”


Sitting up is overated…this is still my preferred method of chillin’


I charm all the ladies with my sweet smile and melt my mama’s heart!



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