the stockings are hung…

Ah, Christmas time! The stockings are hung,

the excitement is in the air, and we are packing

our car to head ‘home’ to West Virginia to spend

the week with the Hill family! So excited!

I am sure we will have some good pictures of

Nash experiencing his first white Christmas in WV

this week, so be sure to check back for more photos of

our holiday!

Merry Christams…and may you be reminded of the

true meaning of these days…the celebration of the

birth of our Savior Jesus!

The stockings are hung…


There are just so many toys to choose from…


Nash test rides his highchair (this was Bryson’s old high chair…and before that his dad’s!)



2 thoughts on “the stockings are hung…

  1. hey emily and bryson. i love these posts. although we never had a chance to really get to know each other, after scrolling through a bunch of these, i feel like i know you guys a little better. =) merry christmas!

  2. Bryson/Emily,
    Glad to see you enjoying your first Christmas with Nash. I’ve been checking back every month to see his progress. I was so excited to see the family high chair in the pictures. Now that our daughter, Ava, just celebrated her 3rd Christmas, I can tell you they get much more exciting every year. Unbelievably, we had a white Christmas in Portland this year too for the first time in ages. Happy New Year to all – you can enjoy that Georgia season ending bowl tromping for the next 9 months 🙂 Jim Vogeltanz (Portland, OR)

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