Sweet sixteen

How sweet it is! Sweet Sixteen weeks that is!

This week has been one for the books…we sold our house

in Oak Grove and bought a home in Oconee County (just outside Athens)!

We have been praying and thinking about it for the last several months and

this week everything just fell into place. We are so sad to leave our sweet

neighbors here in Oak Grove (there isnt a better neighborhood out there!),

but know this is the best move for our family in this season of life.

We also got to hang out with some of our dear friends that we miss from

Atlanta so it was an awesome week!

Oh, Nash is good too (since this is HIS website I should at least mention him!).

He approved of the new house and is excited to learn to walk so he can run

around in the yard and help dad mow the grass. 🙂
Nash is catching on to what the camera is…


Nash and I outside our new house!


Clay + Jenny and Uncle Horty lovin’ on Nash. (congrats guys, you made

it on the blog! hope it is okay that i named dropped you! 🙂 )


Nash gets love from Eddie + Danielle too


Jillian…one of our sweet neighbors that we will miss very much, holds Nash


Nash smiles at his dad…


He is getting good at sitting up…and playing with his toys!


Nash takes his first ride. (Okay, he didnt actually ride…but he enjoyed

sitting on the Vespa with his dad…and if your dad rode a vespa he would

be your hero too…just like Nash’s shirt says!)



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