Someone asked me this week if we had a nickname for Nash. Now, nicknames are a funny thing because you might call someone close to you by that name all day long and not think it strange, but when you tell an outsider what that name is it always seems silly. Well, we do have a nickname for Nash…around our house we affectionately call him “potatoes”. Silly we know. “Potatoes” came about when we were deciding what we should name Nash. You see, as a parent it is your job before naming your child is to figure out all the mean nicknames that other kids might call your kid based on their name…”Fatsy Patsy”…”Hairy Carrie”…you get the point. In choosing to name our kid Nash we determined that “Nash Potatoes” might be in his future..and well, we laughed and it has stuck.

So here are some pictures of our sweet “Potato”…


someone should be napping…


He loves to suck his two fingers…


Nash sported a vintage t-shirt on Bryson’s birthday…a 28 year old shirt that Bryson

himself once wore…


Nash wishes his dad a Happy Birthday…


So much love between this father and son…


From the archive…a baby picture of Bryson…Happy 28th Birthday Bryson!



3 thoughts on “Potatoes

  1. ok, a couple of things…

    1. I love Nash
    2. Ella taught him the 2 finger suck
    3. The vintage tee is awesome
    4. He looks just like Bryson in the old Bryson pic…but yet, he still looks just like you! Love it!
    5. Nash’s nickname from me will always be Mr. Cuddles!

  2. Wow. I think Nash looks exactly like Bryson in his baby pic!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful December and that you enjoy your first Christmas as a family of three!!! We certainly are excited about it!!! 🙂 Love to all.

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