our weekend

Nash rocked it out at his first concert…David Crowder Band at the Tabernacle in Atlanta and loved it! We wanted him to grow up with hearing so we made him wear some headphones. So cute.


After a late night on the town, Bryson and Nash kicked back and watched some Georgia football on Saturday…Go Dawgs…


Then, he helped me with some laundry and that was about all he could take!


Have a great week! I am sure we will have some good photos from our time in Arizona over Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “our weekend

  1. That is so so important!we need to be able to love ouelrsfs! enjoy our uniqueness, there are a lot of things we need to experience alone!spending some time alone, and reflecting about whats going on ith ourlives, its a great way to get to know us even more!aww Isa! your post alays make me feel good in my on skin!lots of love

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