My first date…

Tonight was a milestone for Bryson and I…we went on our first date without the baby!

I was nervous all day about it (note: I never thought I would be the “nervous mom” type)…I wasn’t

so much nervous about how Nash would do, but how I would do! But it turned out great. Our friends

Bryan and Lara babysat Nash for us and he was in good hands. They are pro’s with babies since they

have a 4 month old of their own…who you will see in the pictures below had quite a little crush

on Mr. Nash. So not only was it a first date for Bryson and I, but Nash had his first date with

a lady friend! 🙂 Enjoy the photos…

Bryson and I say goodbye to Nash before heading out on our hot date…



Lara holds Nash…


“Hey, my dad has one of these things too…”


Ella makes her move on Nash. (really, she did….this was not posed! She just reached out and

held Nash’s hand. Bold move for a first date!)


Hanging out like an old married couple in their recliners…


Bryan and Lara get in on the fun…



3 thoughts on “My first date…

  1. Loving the pics! I had so much fun with your little cuddle bug! I really want to rent him out as Ella isn’t so much into the cuddling. I think you need to post the pics of before you left and our scared expressions! haha looking forward to next time!
    lara (and of course Ella)

  2. I am Lara’s mom and absolutely laughed out loud when I saw these pictures. I made my lifelong friends by beginning just like this with us sharing our children and helping each other out. I think Nash and Ella are in for lots of good times and so are you all.

    Fondly, Mrs. O

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