What a week!

What a week we have had! My sweet grandfather, lovingly known as “skinny pap-paw”

went home to Jesus on Sunday morning, so we headed up to West Virginia to celebrate

his life with my family. Nash did great on the 10+ hour drive home (what a week to drive, the mountains

and leaves were beautiful!). It was a joy to be with my family for the week. Here are some pictures…more will follow

in the next day or so!

Kiss the baby…


Resting on mama’s shoulder…


Nash in the trees…


Family fall photo…

Hanging out with dad…I love being held like this!


Nash and Xavier meet for the first time. Looks like Olivia and I are more excited than

they are! Xavier is adorable!


Looking good in baby blue velour…


“This is so embarrassing”…


Happy Halloween! Here is Nash’s best “I’m scared” look!



2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Nash’s “I’m scared” look is CRACKING ME UP!! Kid is too cute! and no one rocks a baby blue velour track suit like Nash Vogeltanz…NOBODY!!

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