The year of babies…

It was a year of babies for the Hill girls! Both of my sisters, Erin and Olivia, also

gave birth to baby boys in the last 6 months. Our parents couldn’t be happier about

all the grandsons! Nash and I were able to meet up with Erin + Micah and their baby Ian

as they flew through Atlanta on their way to visit WV. Here are a few snapshots of our time

at the airport and a few of their trip to WV where they got to meet up with Olivia and her

baby, Xavier. I so wish I could have been in WV with them so the cousins could all be together

for the first time!


Ian feels HUGE next to Nash. He is sooo very adorable!


Nash meets Ian. (This was kind of like playing dolls for Erin and I! It took us back to some childhood memories!)


Checking each other out…


Ian teaching Nash how to shake hands and play. (check out his fat rolls! so cute!)


Nash giving the “I love you” sign to Ian. 🙂


Erin + Ian in WV


Olivia + Xavier


Obie (aka Grandpa Allen) + Ian + Xavier. Both Xavier and Nash are named after this

wonderful guy!


Morgan family photo…


Goodwin Family Photo…



1 thought on “The year of babies…

  1. Emily,
    these pictures make me want to cry!! How precious all these babies are! the one of nash doing “I love you” is the best! Y’all are going to have such fun family time!!
    Love you,

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