First Football Game!

After countless Saturdays of watching college football at home with Bryson,

Nash got to experience his first live game last Saturday as Georgia Tech crushed

Army. Yes, you Dawg fans will surely be disappointed that his first taste of college

football was a Georgia Tech game, but I have to say Nash looks pretty good

in GT gold! As Nash’s mother I felt it was important for him to experience both

sides of the rivalry so he can decided for himself who to cheer for!

We had a great time with our friends Stacey and Andrew who invited

us to the game. Here are some pictures of our time in Atlanta…


Hayden (Stacey + Andrew’s son) meets Nash for the first time (held by Stacey)


The boys…


Andrew and Hayden watch the game…



1 thought on “First Football Game!

  1. Ok Nash, so at first I was really upset by these pictures but them mom had to explain to me that Jesus loves ALL his little children, no matter WHAT…therefore, I still love you too. Let’s watch a UGA game together–I bet you look even cuter in red and black! Call me!

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