Just another day in paradise…

Well, it’s just another day in paradise at the Vogeltanz house. 🙂

Well, paradise is a strong word, but I can definitely say that we

are loving life and enjoying each day with Nash. We tried to catch up

on our rest and get back on schedule after a busy weekend. A

highlight from the week was a visit by my sweet friend, Marci, from my

high school days who came to visit us from Charlotte.

We cant believe that October is melting away and Nash has already hit the

8 week mark! It is amazing to watch him grow right before our eyes. He surprises

us every day with new tricks (like sticking out his tongue!) and learning to laugh and

smile. There is nothing better than watching Nash smile back at you…it takes my

heart every time! He might just be a mama’s boy!


Nash has become very strong and can now hold his head up. Check out

his mini-mullet …it’s a new hairstyle we are trying out. 🙂


Holding your head up can become tiring. Here, Nash takes a break on the beautiful

handmade quilt by his wonderful Marmi (aka, Grandma Carolyn)


Nash gives a shout out to his cousin’s Jack and Owen who sent him some GREAT



Nash fell in love with Marci! Thanks for coming to visit us!



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