week 4

It is hard to believe tomorrow marks Nash’s 4 week birthday!!

In some ways time has flown by, but in other ways our days seem to creep by.

All in all we have had a pretty good week. Emily got sick which made for a few rough days.

But even the hard days have their fun moments…like when Nash had a triple blow-out (that

means he had a poop explosion, sprayed pee everywhere, and spit up all at the exact same moment…

while mom was reaching for a new diaper of course! Very messy.). But the best moments

lately are after the morning feeding when Nash is very cuddly and has spontaneous “gas + sleep”

smiles…this is Emily’s favorite time of day.

But the highlight of the week has to be visiting Bryson at work. Here are a few pictures from our week.



A self portrait of Em and Nash in the early morning…


Bryson is getting good at changing diapers…